What is translation?

Is it a mechanical process that can be successfully performed by a machine and will eventually replace humans? Or is it, rather, communication between two human beings with imagination—translator and author? We believe that human imagination cannot be replaced or entirely emulated by a machine. That is why we ventured to launch our app.

Our mission is to help you apply your imagination as efficiently as possible.

While translating creative non-fiction (such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, etc.), you almost always will be concerned about the meaning of terminology applied by an author which is pattern-like. A term is a word whose meaning is invariable. WORDLIX will assist you in creating such patterns of terminology in your language.


We also believe that the translation of creative non-fiction is a research work, and the translator is, at the same time, a researcher.

WORDLIX gives you the chance to create a commentary on your translation. Such commentary is indispensable when we are dealing with the academic edition of, say, classics of philosophy. Instead of gathering your comments in different places, you can easily collect them in one place, to which you always have instant access.

Just three simple steps to start.

Here are steps you should take.

Start your work by adding words and comments.

Main features:

Your assistant in the world of professional translation


Upload files to the web app

Add words and comments

Change or edit your translation or comments at any time

Navigate easily and quickly through added words


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